Zamana is a community-oriented space for progressive change in Pakistan. It seeks to provide a platform for learning, reflection, and action, so that as Pakistanis we can become more engaged in shaping the collective future of our country.

While it is currently limited to text-based articles in the English language, Zamana is working towards a multi-lingual forum that will cover critical issues and constructive initiatives in Pakistan through text, audio, image, and video. Apart from occasional special issues - such as the first one on food and land rights - Zamana aims to become an ongoing space for progressive commentaries and campaigns on Pakistan.

We invite Pakistanis from across the spectrum to share their perspectives and initiatives on Zamana. If you are, or can be, a curious and creative artist, blogger, translator, audioproducer or videographer - in any Pakistani language - please get in touch with us at:

info @

All other inquiries, ideas, and feedback may also be directed to the above address.


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